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Vliwaktiv Ag 10x10cm active carbon with silver tamponade (1 piece)

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Vliwaktiv Ag active carbon with silver tamponade is an antibacterial, elastic, soft, non-adhesive tamponade that contains silver impregnated fabric made of activated carbon.

Vliwaktiv Ag is ideally suited for filling deep wounds or for application to surface wounds as a dressing.

Tamponade binds wounds from microorganisms and eliminates unpleasant odors from the wound. It helps to heal the wound by its effective, physical cleansing.

The microorganisms in the exudate are removed from the wound by Vliwaktiv Ag binding and destroyed by direct contact with silver and active carbon contained within the dressing. That’s how the propagation of germs in the wound is reduced, which prevents the development of infection.

Decreasing odor by using active carbon improves the quality of patients’ life and facilitates the treatment for medical staff.

The Vliwaktiv Ag fromactive carbon with silver tamponade  isindividually sterile packed  and is sterilized with gamma rays. This product is for single use only and can not be sterilized.


Vliwaktiv tamponade from active carbon with silver is intended for the treatment of wounds:

  • critically colonized
  • infected and / or with unpleasant odors
  • with increased risk of infection (eg. by weakening your body's resistance, fecal fistula, cancerous wounds, postoperative wounds, etc.).

Vliwaktiv can be used for:

  • low exudate wounds or in combination with secondary dressing for medium and very severe wounds;
  • surface and deep wounds, eg pressure ulcers, arterial ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, secondary healing wounds, ulcerative tumors;
  • Vliwaktiv Ag from active carbonwith silver tamponade can also be used as a secondary dressing in combination with wound fillers (eg Supersorb A calcium alginate tamponade).


Hypersensitivity to the product or its components.


Preparation of the wound

Prior to placing a new dressing, clean the wound in the usual way (eg with sterile physiological solution, Ringer's fluid or if necessary with antiseptic) and carefully dry the edges of the wound.

Applying the dressing

You can use both sides of Vliwaktiv Ag  from active carbon tamponade with silver. Tamponade is inserted into deep wounds and for its effective action it must directly contact with the ground of the wound.

In the case of surface wounds, the tamponade is applied as a regular dressing. The size of the dressing depends on the area of ​​the wound and should extend beyond the edges of the wound at least 2-3 cm.

In the case of small exudate wounds, Vliwaktiv Ag can be moisturized with Ringer's fluid prior to the use.

Depending on the severity of the exudate and the state of the wound, a secondary dressing (eg Vliwazell absorbent compressor) can be added to the tamponade.

Vliwaktiv Ag can also be used as surface dressing in combination with wound fillers (eg Suprasorb A calcium alginate patch). Fix the dressing with a suitable fixation material (fixation patch, eg Curagix H, flexible dressing bandage, Mollelast).

Exchange of dressing

Intervals in which the Vliwaktiv Ag tamponade must be replaced should be determined by the doctor. His opinion will be depending on the condition of the wound (eg signs of infection, exudate level).


Vliwaktiv Ag must not be cut or torn.

Products are sterile until the packaging is opened or damaged.

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