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Optium Xido NEO - glucometer

Optium Xido NEO - glucometer

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Glucometer Optium Xido Neo

OPTIUM XIDO NEO SHOWS OUR GLYCEMIA TRENDS. If you measure sugar many times in a day, it may happen that you will not remember the earlier results. Optium Xido Neo signals hyperglycaemia and hypoglycemia to the patient (yellow and red arrows). In addition, if such incidents recur at a similar time in the last 5 days, the glucometer warns the patient by flashing arrows, indicating that something alarming happens - perhaps a trend is coming.

OPTIUM XIDO NEO MEASURES NOT ONLY GLYCEMIA, but also ketone bodies. This is an important parameter, especially for people who use insulin pump, who do sports and children who develop ketoacidosis.

PRECISE AS... INSULIN. Anyone who uses insulin in their treatment knows how important is precision in calculating her doses. Hence, the need for a meter that is precise and accurate, that shows results similar to those of the laboratory, and that the measurements performed on it are reproducible. Optium Xido Neo meets the accuracy and precision requirements of ISO 15197: 2013. It has been specially designed for people treated with insulin to optimize and simplify their therapy.

OPTIUM XIDO NEO TAKES CONTROL. Persons with long-term illness often do many things automatically, thus losing the alertness they need. Fortunately Neo does not lose it! Whenever the measurement exceeds the norm, the meter signals it with the flashing arrow. Yellow arrow pointing up is a hyperglycemic icon (sugar above 240 mg / dl), red arrow pointing down - hypoglycaemia (score below 70 mg / dl). The meter also identifies trends at similar times (within 3 hours) in the last 5 days.

FLAT AND LIGHT - you can carry it in your wallet, in the pocket of you pants or jacket.

HANDY - fits the palm of your hand, so you can literally perform the measurement "on the run".

FAST - no coding required and you will get the result in as little as 5 seconds!

COMFORTABLE - thanks to e-ink technology, the large and easy-to-read display provides comfort to older people with vision problems and to children.

The set includes:

  • Optium Xido Neo device
  • Configuration instruction
  • Bag
  • Micro USB cable
  • Lancing device
  • 10 lancets

Attention: set does not include test strips

Technical parameters:


Glucose concentration in plasma

Display Big display with high contrast
Time of measurement
5 seconds
Memory 1000 results
Power 2 CR 2032 batteries
Number of measurements with 1 battery Up to 3000 measurements
Automatic power off
2 minutes
Weight 33-37g with battery
Measurement temperature
Data analysis
Freestyle AA Neo program


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