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Genteel lancing device

Genteel lancing device

Genteel LLC
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Lancing device like no other. No more fear of blood sampling.

How does it work?

With its patented Butterfly Touch Technology®, the Genteel® Lancing Device gets test blood from anywhere on the body without pain. Using vacuum, vibration, and depth control, the perfect drop of blood can be drawn, even from the shallowest test site. The lancet only reaches blood capillaries and avoids hitting pain nerves altogether.

No sore fingers

Fingers become pincushions when pricking multiple times a day, and leaves them sore, swollen, and sensitive.

Give your fingers a rest with a vacuum and control of the depth of the puncture and take a sample from the inside of the palm1 (corresponds to the pads)

Stop squeezing

Squeezing fingers to get enough blood increases the probability of red blood cell damage (hemolysis), and the pain of bruising (hematoma).

Genteel pulls out the blood and forms the perfect drop of blood with a vacuum. Compression leaves!

Fear of needles

Paralyzing fear of needles can affect the regularity of sugar testing.

Allow the mind to reinterpret the phobia against needles by taking blood without painful puncture of the skin. Painful stings go away!

Let them sleep

Kids often get woke up from much needed sleep when parents have to prick their fingers at night. 

Without the pain of stinging children can sleep peacefully throughout the process of testing blood sugar levels.

Fingersticks hurt

Typical lancing devices often touch pain nerves and multiple pricks are often required to get enough blood.

With the ability to control how deep the lancet penetrates the skin and using the vacuum to get the perfect drop you can start to get blood painlessly.

Test more often

Many times people skip checking their blood sugar due to the pain of finger pricks.

Remove obstacles of fear and trauma and start performing tests as often as your doctor has told you to.

Genteel lancing device kit contains:

  • Genteel lancing device
  • 6 caps
  • Decorative stickers
  • Set of lancets


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1 Consult your doctor for the possibility of taking blood from alternative sites

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