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Prontosan Gel 30 ml

Prontosan Gel 30 ml

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Prontosan® Gel 30ml


  • non-toxic for tissues,
  • non-irritating, non-allergic,
  • painless,
  • accelerates the process of granulation and epithelium formation,
  • sterile product,
  • provides an effective bacteriological barrier,
  • effective for 8 weeks from the opening of the packaging,
  • effectively moisturizes the wound,
  • no systematic resorption of polyhexanidin from wounds,
  • removes necrotic lesions in the wound,
  • removes the unpleasant odor from the wound, possibility of leaving the dressing with Prontosan Gel / Gel X for a few days,
  • can be used during pregnancy and lactation,
  • use in all types of wounds, among others acute, chronic, diabetic foot, burns, pressure ulcers,
  • it effectively removes biofilms and prevents its formation,
  • DEKRA certificate - confirms the effectiveness of the preparation against the biofilm,
  • prevents secondary infection


  • rinse the wound and clean with Prontosan wound care solution,
  • it causes relaxation of existing layers of wounds and their removal before the implementation of treatment with Prontosan® Gel,
  • if there is a suspicion that the wound is infected, wash the wound with Braunol antiseptic,
  • wound surfaces should always be covered with a gel with a thickness of at least 3-5 mm,
  • Prontosan Gel should be spread on the surface of the wound or filled in existing cavities or wound cavities,
  • dressings, gases, wraps and other absorbent materials or agents that fill the wound can also be moistened, and then put on a wound before the actual dressing is applied,
  • Prontosan® Gel may remain in the wound until the next dressing change. Depending on when the next change is planned, every day or every few days.

In this way, the surface of the wound is constantly moistened, which ensures its proper cleansing. Layers covering the wound are gently released and removed during the next dressing change. Gels should be used so often that all layers and necrotic changes can be easily removed. This creates good conditions for proper wound healing and enables surgical cleansing of the wound, providing optimal visibility.

Wound cleansing: to reduce the risk of microbial transmission to the interior of the wound, Prontosan wound care solution is recommended for cleaning large areas around the wound. If necessary, the parts of the body or even the entire surface should be decontaminated with the use of appropriate products, eg Braunol or Braunovidon.

What is biofilm?

Biofilm - is a three-dimensional colony of bacteria contained in the matrix of extracellular polymers. It is created by many pathogenic microorganisms in order to increase protection against external factors. Biofilm is involved in the pathogenesis of chronic diseases, especially infections associated with the use of catheters, drains, implant placement. It is a serious problem in nosocomial infections. The complex structure of the biofilm and the different physiological traits of the microorganisms that create it, explain their high resistance to various bactericidal agents, including resistance to antibiotics. The compact structure of the biofilm is very difficult to eliminate. The Prontosan product line was created to remove and prevent the accumulation of microbial matter on the wound surface.

Composition: water for injections, Glycerol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, 0.1% Undecylenamidopropyl Betaine, 0.1% Polyaminopropyl Biguanide (Polyhexanidine).

Package: 30 ml container

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