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Allevyn Life self-adhesive foam dressing 21x21cm - 1piece

Smith & Nephew
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ALLEVYN is a new generation of polyurethane foam dressings. ALLEVYN Life has been developed to improve the quality of life of patients with wounds. This dressing has a delicate hydrocell structure, providing the wound with ideal level of moisture and supporting rapid healing. The highly permeable, breathable outer film allows the evaporation of excess exudate. Airtight-proof outer film helps prevent bacterial wound infection. In addition, it allows the patient to take a shower.

The new design of the dressing, with a wide adhesive edge guarantees secure fixing and minimizes the risk of slipping. This allows to avoid premature dressing changes and gives the patient a sense of comfort in public places.

ALLEVYN Life can be lifted and can have its position changed in the same area. Make sure that there are no cracks or stretches. ALLEVYN Life can be easily applied and removed.

Features and benefits

For the patient - supports rapid healing.

Less pain.

A slightly adhesive, perforated layer of contact with the wound made of silicone gel offers the patient a painless change of the dressing.

High wearing comfort, good cushioning.

Soft and flexible. 

Neat dressing even after a few days.

Innovative wound contact layer makes the exudate not visible on the outside, allowing the patient to feel better with their dressing in their environment.

The super absorbent core that closes the wound provides much better absorption of exudate compared to other foam dressings, as well as minimizes the risk of leakage under pressure.

Better quality of life.

Watertight and bacteria-proof outer foil allows washing and showering.

Higher security.

A more reliable barrier for germs (MRSA) and dynamic management of exudate for damp wound environment.

The wide adhesive edge ensures particularly secure application, the super-absorbing closing core minimizes the risk of leakage, thus reducing the amount of necessary dressing changes.

Areas of application
Dressing flat, grainy wounds with secondary healing function and chronic, acute, flat and deep exudative wounds, such as:

  • bedsores
  • diabetic foot ulcers
  • infected wounds
  • wounds after malignant tumors
  • surgical wounds
  • wounds after first or second degree burns
  • wounds in the areas where the skin was excised
  • skin cracks or renewing wounds

ALLEVYN Life can be used for necrotic and purulent wounds, in combination with INTRASITE ™ gel. ALLEVYN Life is also suitable for use on sensitive skin.

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